Volunteer Positions

The following are the current volunteer positions available at LAAN.  If you are interested in volunteering, be sure to submit an application online.

Fundraising Volunteer
A assist with researching and writing grants and proposals to secure funding for the Lansing Area AIDS Network. Volunteers also assist in planning and hosting annual fundraising events such as AIDS Walk Michigan, Night of 1000 Stars and Life Ride. Volunteers also assist in the developing new fundraising opportunities, working with local service organizations, clubs, theaters and civic groups to secure financial support for the Lansing Area AIDS Network.

HIV/AIDS Resource Volunteer
Volunteers are required to attend an HIV/AIDS Resource Volunteer Training Program, sponsored by the Lansing Area AIDS Network. Upon completion, volunteers will be assigned to various community activities such as health and resource fairs. Volunteers are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date information, and distributing HIV/AIDS prevention materials at community events, fundraisers and health fairs.

"Buddy" Program Volunteer
Are required to attend a "Buddy" Training Program, sponsored by the Lansing Area AIDS Network. A "buddy" is a trained volunteer who can provide emotional and practical support to someone living with HIV disease. The "buddy" volunteer provides an empathic listening ear, which is objective and non-judgmental. In addition, the "buddy" volunteer will provide practical support such as light housekeeping, grocery shopping, laundry and transportation.

Office Volunteer
Assist LAAN staff with clerical support, bulk mailings, filing, data entry and copying. Volunteers will be trained accordingly by the staff of the Lansing Area AIDS Network and will be scheduled when needed.

Food Pantry Volunteer
Assist with the distribution of food to those LAAN clients who participate in this program. Volunteers will be responsible for maintaining the LAAN Food pantry, delivering food and transporting clients to and from the pantry. Volunteers will also assist with stocking the pantry on a monthly basis and maintaining inventory.

Transportation Volunteer
Assist LAAN clients with transportation to their support groups, to doctor appointments, hospital visits or to the market.

Board of Directors Volunteer
LAAN is a non-profit AIDS Service Organization that is governed by a 14 member Board of Directors. Board meetings are scheduled every other month and all Board members are required to serve on a subcommittee in addition to their basic board duties.